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A Boron friend of Mahi Ma and Julian Brennan. According to encyclopedia entries in-game, Bala Gi is the creator of the M3+ spaceship concept, which are the most expensive though also the most powerful fighters available. Speaking to Bala Gi also starts a quest that ultimately gives the player control of a Xenon Hub, allowing them to rewire limited sections of the X Universe to their liking at a time. However, this is easily the most difficult quest in the game and requires incredibly massive amounts of resources to complete.

In-Game Mentions[edit]

Bala Gi is Referred to in:

X3: Reunion[edit]

In X3: Reunion, Bala Gi is most predominantly mentioned as part of its HQ Plot. In it, the player must perform some tasks for Bala Gi, including scanning Nvidium asteroids, retrieving ships, and testing out his new M7-class ship - the Hyperion.

At the end of this quest, Bala Gi gives Julian Brennan a personal Headquarters, from which to build his own ships via blueprints.

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