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Cloning is an exploit that allows players to essentially copy any wares an Equipment Dock linked to a shipyard can stock.

X: What the weapon is

Y: Number of

Z: What type of ship

1. Take at least "Y" (one minimum) of weapon "X" to an equipment dock that sells weapon "X" and is within range of a shipyard.

2. Sell "Y" weapon "X" at equipment dock

3. Buy "Y" number of ship "Z" at shipyard

4. At the outfitting stage buy "Y" of weapon "X" for all "Z" ships

5. Rinse & repeat as much as you want

Thus if you sold 3 SSC and bought 10 ships, then bought 3 SSC at the outfitting stage, you would then have 30 SSC (since 3 would go to all ships bought). This can be done with any given weapon that can be bought at a given equipment dock. (IBL, PBG, and PALC, among others, cannot be cloned.)