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Below is the list of all Boron ships active during the timeline of X2 - The Threat.

[edit] Ship List

Name Race class Max shields Num shields Shield type Turrets Weapon generator Shield generator Max speed Max cargo Cargo type Hangar Price
Shark Mk1BoronM1??125 MW?????XL??
Ray Mk1BoronM2??125 MW?????XL??
Barracuda Mk1BoronM350 MW225 MW0???0L0?
Mako Mk1BoronM4??5 MW0???0M0?
Octopus Mk1BoronM5??1 MW0????S0?
Hydra Mk1BoronM6250 MW2125 MW1????XL1?
Orca Mk1BoronTL??125 MW????17.000ST??
Manta Mk1BoronTP75 MW325 MW1????M0?
Dolphin Mk1BoronTS75 MW325 MW1??120,183.000XL0?

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