USC Orbital Supply Base

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 Terran USC Orbital Supply Base
Shields30 GJ


Used to buy and sell Terran goods.

Encyclopedia Entry[edit]

This station is used as the central supply hub of outlying Terran sectors. The basic bio resources from planets are delivered here, and then all final products used to supply the Terran fleet are brought here after production for distribution.

Known Locations[edit]

Normal Goods, Wares and Equipment[edit]

Name Volume Container Size Max Stock
C-Ration 4 M 1666
Carbo Cake 2 S 1666
Energy Cells 1 S 2500
Flavour Pack 4 S 500
Ice 8 XL 416
Ore 8 XL 416
Protein Paste 2 S 1666
Terran MRE 2 S 416
Vita Kai 4 S 500
Water 2 S 1666