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This is my Talk page. Please put all communications concerning Wiki articles on here.

Hey I made you member of the Bureaucrat group. I think this is like moderator.

You can find more information about all kinda makeups when you google with mediawiki in the search. For example "mediawiki table".


you can also check out the Help:Contents page, but it's a bit sparse. it does however have a few links out to wikimedia template articles and table. it also has a link to an excel to wikitable formatter if you have stuff in a spreadsheet. formatting of wikitables is like standard html and should obey style directives.

An infobox is currently just a float right table with some colors. the templates infobox open and close are just to keep things consistent and make it easy to do sitewide changes if necessary. oh and the open close style means you can stack the info, float tables behave a bit oddly if created in series, on the downside it means the contents have to be formatted as a single table. Madned 14:00, 1 November 2010 (CDT)

Greetings, I just suscribed on your x3wiki which is great. I'm french and I have a question : is it possible to have a french version of each page (as on wikipedia) ? I can help to translate if you want.

Regards, Romanops 10:10, 5 may 2011 (GMT+1)

Hi, Ok, tell me when you're agree and I'll try to do it (step by step) :)

Regards, Romanops 11:35, 6 may 2011 (GMT+1)