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The following was copied from The Egosoft FAQ

A TLA is a Three Letter Acronym. Not all the acronyms used have three letters, of course!


Ship Classes[edit]

Ships are divided into classes according to their purpose. Most races have at least one type of ship in each class.

M0 Planet-killer (not used in Terran Conflict)
M1 Carrier
M2 Destroyer
M3(+) Heavy fighter (Improved)
M4(+) Medium fighter (Improved)
M5 Scout
M6 Corvette
M7 Frigate
M7M Missile Frigate
M8 Bomber
TS Transport Small
TL Transport Large (can transport station kits)
TP Transport Personnel/Passenger
TM Transport Military (a small carrier ship)
OWP Orbital Weapons Platform
LT Laser Tower
NavSat Navigation Relay Satellite
AdvSat Advanced Satellite

Ship Variants[edit]

For smaller ships, most races have some variants of the basic ship types. Not all races have all variants available to buy at ship yards, and some don't even exist in a normal game.

Fighters can have up to four variants, typically having the following characteristics
(though there is some variation so these rules do not always hold).

Raider Faster, less shielding and less cargo
Vanguard Faster, sometimes less shielding, sometimes better weapons
Hauler Slower, more cargo space
Sentinel Slower, more shielding, sometimes less cargo space

Small freighters may also have variants, again depending on race and again with not all variants being available for all ships.

Hauler Slower, more shielding, more cargo space
Miner Slower, more shielding, more cargo space
Tanker Slower, more shielding, more cargo space

(larger version)

Even slower, more shielding, more cargo space
Super-freighter Even slower, more shielding, more cargo space

(larger version)

Even slower again, even more shielding, even more cargo space

Certain ships also come in 'heavy, 'prototype', 'advanced' or 'enhanced' variants - this usually indicates an upgraded version of the basic ship.

Ship Equipment Levels[edit]

When buying smaller ships at a shipyard, different levels of equipment are available.
Not to be confused with cargo classes (or the size of the ship!).

S No weapons, minimum shielding
M Basic weapons, medium shielding
L More weapons, maximum shields

Ship Nicknames[edit]

A few ships have standard nicknames. Examples include:



Split Elephant
Oddy Paranid Odysseus
HCP Argon Heavy Centaur Prototype
TLS Goner Truelight Seeker


Paranid Agamemnon
Hyp Paranid Hyperion Vanguard
Disco Argon Discoverer


Split Iguana / Iguana Vanguard

Transport Classes[edit]

Cargo Class[edit]

Cargo Class Code Meaning
S Small
M Medium
L Large
XL Extra Large
ST Station

Transport Sizes[edit]

Ship Class Code Meaning Maximum Cargo Capacity
TP Personnel Transport M - XL
TM Military Transport XL
TS Small Transport XL
TS+ Heavy Super Freighter XL
TL Large Transport ST

Ship Equipment[edit]


CFA Cluster Flak Array
CIG Concussion Impulse Generator
EBC Energy Bolt Chaingun
(E)EMPC (Experimental) Electro-magnetic Pulse Cannon


Flak Artillery Array
FBC Fusion Beam Cannon (experimental weapon)
FBL Fragmentation Bomb Launcher
FD Fighter Drone
GC Gauss Cannon
HEPT High-Energy Plasma Thrower
IBL Incendiary Bomb Launcher
IC Ion Cannon


Ion Disruptor
IPG Ion Pulse Generator
ISR Ion Shard Railgun
IRE Impulse Ray Emitter


Kyon Emitter (Kha'ak ships only)


(Prototype) Matter/Anti-matter Launcher
MD Mass Driver
MDS Mobile Drilling System
PAC Particle Accelerator Cannon
PALC Phased Array Laser Cannon (experimental weapon)
PBC Plasma Beam Cannon (lasertower weapon)
PBE Pulsed Beam Emitter
PBG Plasma Burst Generator (flamethrower)
PPC Photon Pulse Cannon
PRG Phased Repeater Gun
PSG Phased Shockwave Generator
PSP Point Singularity Projector
(P)SSC (Prototype) Starburst Shockwave Cannon
TB Tractor Beam


Tri-Beam Laser Cannon (experimental weapon)


The type of a shield is indicated by a number showing its maximum strength.

1MJ 1,000KJ
5MJ 5,000KJ
25MJ 25,000KJ
200MJ 200,000KJ
1GJ 1,000,000KJ
2GJ 2,000,000KJ


These are a few of the many kinds of equipment that can be installed on a ship.

CLS Commodity Logistics Software


Cargo Life Support System
JD Jumpdrive
UFJD Unfocussed Jumpdrive
SETA Singularity Engine Time Accelerator
SOS System Override Software
SSS Software Signature Scrambler


Video Enhancement Goggles


There are many different types of space stations in the game,
but only a few types have commonly-used abbreviations.

CF Crystal Fab


Equipment Dock
GT Goner Temple


Ore/Silicon Mine
PAP Pirate Anarchy Port
PB Pirate Base
PHQ Player Headquarters
SPP Solar Power Plant
SY Shipyard
TCHQ TerraCorp Headquarters


Trading Dock/Station


A few of the sectors in the game also have common abbreviations.

AB Akeela's Beacon
AP Argon Prime
BHS Black Hole Sun


Cloudbase North West/South West/South East
EoL Elysium of Light
GF Getsu Fune
HoL Home of Light
IZ Ianamus Zura
KE Kingdom End
Knnn Kha'ak Sector nnn (e.g. K931)
NH Nyana's Hideout
OB Ore Belt
OL Omicron Lyrae
PE President's End
PP Paranid Prime
TUS Terran Unknown Sector
US Unknown Sector
Uxx.yy Unknown Sector at map co-ordinates xx,yy
Xnnn Xenon Sector nnn (e.g. X101)


And finally a few miscellaneous items.

AI Artificial Intelligence (usually refers to the computer's ships)
AL Artificial Life
Cap Slang term for capturing other ships
CTD Crash To Desktop
DPS Damage per Second
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival (used in ship menus)
FAQ Frequently Asked Questions
GOD Global Decision Engine
HUD Heads Up Display
IS In Sector (i.e. the sector you are personally in)
[L] Indicates that you have a Police Licence with the race the letter appears next to
MORT Manually Operated Remote Trader
MTR Manual Trade Run
NPC Non Player Character (usually refers to the computer's ships)
OOS Out of Sector (i.e. a sector you are not personally in)
OOSD Out of Sector Defence (defence of the above)
SE Script Editor
TC Terran Conflict

Transport Class

UO Unknown Object
UFO Unidentified Flying Object


Xenon Invasion (a mission type)


Local/Sector/Universe Trader (Trade Command Software Mk3 commands)
CAG Commercial Agent (Used in stations and complexes).