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Usually the description will have some sob story in it, but the objective is simple; find target, kill target.

General Difficulty:[edit]

Can be extremely hard if you go in without the right ship and weapons.

These missions get harder as the games progress. They are in all cases Pirate or Yaki ships (sometimes Terrans too, in Albion Prelude). So I advise not to do these if you are trying to build up a rep with them.

As the assassination target is often hostile to the race that offered the mission, they can spawn in a crowded sector and be killed by a patrol before you can even reach them. Waiting until you obtain jumpdrive makes these missions significantly easier.

What you will need:[edit]

  • M3/M4 - early in the game and combat ranking low.
  • M3+/M6/M7 - later on with high combat ranking.
  • M1/M2 - with very high combat ranks - by vbruzual
  • Jumpdrive - Some of the time limits are restrictive, so you will need to get there fast.
  • Fair amount of sectors explored. If you are in an area you haven't explored much, then you might want to delay taking on the mission until you have explored at least 5 sectors around. Last thing you want is have to hunt down a guy in a sector you don't know where it is.

What you will find:[edit]

  • M3/TS with some M3/M4/M5 escorts early on.
  • M6 with two or three M6 escorts and some fighters later on.
  • Many M6's and fighters - with higher combat ranking.
  • M1s, M7s or M2s at very high ranks.


  • Attacking ships costs reputation with the faction you're attacking.
  • The target will always spawn near a gate, most often the gate in the direction you are coming from, but not always. A lot of time can be saved from the mission's time limit by jumping to the sector, then jumping again to the corresponding gate the target spawned at.
List of Missions