Beta Kyon Emitter

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Beta Kyon Emitter
Hull Damage (dps)3,000
Shield Damage (dps)5,000 kJ
Range3.41 km
Rate of Fire120 shots/minute
Projectile Speed9,765 m/s
Max Weapon Energy700 MJ
Energy Cost/Second300 MJ/sec
Ware Beta Kyon Emitter
Cargo ClassM
Min. Price (Cr)45,810
Ave. Price (Cr)46,744
Max. Price (Cr)47,678


The Beta Kyon Emitter is the medium power Kha'ak beam weapon, equipped on Corvettes.

Encyclopedia Entry[edit]

This weapon is of Kha'ak Origin. It generates and emits Kyon particles that line up in a straight line. How these particles are generated is not currently known. This version is more powerful than the Alpha Version, it is most commonly found on Kha'ak ships.


A dangerous M3 and M6 Kha'ak beam weapon, this is the mid-range variant. Its power against shields is relatively poor, but its damage to ship hulls is deadly. This weapon works well in tandem with many Alpha Kyon Emitters, due to their more normal shield-hull damage ratio. This is the main reason for Kha'ak Clusters' dangerous reputation. The new Kha'ak Corvette has a large array of these due to its newer design, making it uncharacteristically deadly even alone.

Known Compatible Ships[edit]

Available at Known Docks[edit]

Not available for sale at any dock.