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Buy, transport and build a designated factory in a designated position within a set time limit.

General Difficulty:[edit]

Very Easy to Medium.

What you will need:[edit]

  • A TL-class ship (hired or owned). If you own it and it is jumpdrive-equipped this mission is a cakewalk. Otherwise, you may find the schedule a bit touch-and-go.
  • An account balance of in excess of several million Cr.
  • Good rep with the factory's native Faction.

What you will find:[edit]

  • A beacon will be dropped, on which the station should be dropped.
  • You will have up to three hours depending on mission difficulty.

Commentary and Strategy[edit]

These missions are very straightforward and pay very well, but without your own TL, getting the factory transported and built on time can pose problems. It is advisable to have a TL hired before accepting the mission, if you don't own your own.

A big risk is failing to build the factory in the right place; it must be within range of the planted beacon. Using the match position key (numpad 5 by default) on the beacon and placing it directly on top is the best plan; the beacon will disappear, leaving the factory no longer crunching the beacon.

Note that after factory placement, the factory will be removed from your control and you will no longer own it. You will then pick up your reward, of course.

Extra Revenue (A Teladi way?)[edit]

This method increases your turnover from the factory building missions, while in the mission but prior to planting the factory down.

  • Check what resources the factory will require once it's operational
  • Make sure you have about one TS per Resource. (These TS's should be kept for Factory missions or Temporarily re-assigned while such missions aren't being conducted)
  • Fit the TS's with jumpdrives (Necessary for delivery speed)
  • Fill each TS with one of the resources the finished factory requires. (Either use produce from you own factories, or buy bulk loads cheaply from non-player stations)
  • Get your TL or the hired TL to Drop the station (Plant the station and wait for it to change control from you to the AI)
  • Command those TS's to Jump and Dock with the new station and sell all the Resources

The same method can be used to get your own Factories up and running when you first plant them.

List of Missions