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A free standing Offer in space.

Buy ship for specified money. Ship will be listed as % of hull left intact and money you need to pay for it. Keep an eye out for rare ships such as the Hyperion that are selling these and you might find yourself a bargain.

In some cases, you can find a 100% ship that you can sell for a profit at a nearby shipyard. Instant profit! (Emphasis on SOME...)

NB: at least in version 3.0, 100% ships are usually VASTLY OVERPRICED, so you do not make a profit when you try to sell them at a shipyard. On the other hand, the price drop from damaged ships is enormous, so if you get offered a 80% ship, and sell it on a shipyard (without repairing it), you can make around 100% profit. Still, even the 100% offers might be useful if your race rank prohibits you from buying that ship in a regular shipyard of that race. Also, this is a good way to buy a TS cheaply to get your trading career started. These offers only pop up if you have a decent race rank in the sector though.

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