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Claiming a ship is possible if it has no pilot, but is otherwise functional.

Eligible ships should not be confused with decorative derelict ships or stations which usually represent something sufficiently degraded as to be non-functional.

Ship Claim Distance
Class Distance Method
Small Craft 40 m Spacewalk
Capital Ships 75 m Spacewalk

There are a number of ownerless ships dotted around the X-universe that can be claimed by flying in a space suit within a specific distance and claiming using the ships Info menu. It is more common to claim a ship when the pilot has bailed from weapons fire.
If the player ship has an illegal System Override Software installed, ships may be claimed from within that vessel at a greater range than if space walking. However since SOS is illegal in all Commonwealth sectors police patrols will attack if they detect it. It can be masked from detection using a Software Signature Scrambler.

Capital ships must be boarded by marines to be claimed, as must TM class ships. Return Ship mission ships, including capital ships, may be claimed normally however.

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