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A ship's autopilot allows the ship to perform automated tasks. These tasks are defined based upon installed command software and ship's class, as well as its status in a Wing or Fleet.

Software Types[edit]

Allowed Options

Explorer Command Software[edit]

  • Deploy Satellite Network
  • Fly Through Gate...
  • Map Sector...
  • Scan Asteroids

Fight Command Software MK1[edit]

  • Attack all enemies
  • Attack Capital Ships
  • Attack Fighters
  • Attack...
  • Protect...
  • Turret Attack Enemies
  • Turret Protect Ship

Fight Command Software MK2[edit]

  • Attack all enemies, land
  • Attack enemy and land...
  • Attack my target
  • Attack nearest enemy of...
  • Attack shields of...
  • Attack target of...
  • Board Ship
  • Defend Position
  • Defend Sector...
  • Defend Station
  • Launch All Marines...
  • Missile Barrage...
  • Retreat
  • Turret Missile Defense
  • Turret: Attack Capitals
  • Turret: Attack Fighters
  • Turret: Missiles Only

Navigation Command Software[edit]

  • Jump and Fly to Pos
  • Jump and Fly to Station

Patrol Command Software[edit]

  • Patrol Sector
  • Patrol Sectors
  • Scout for Enemies

Supply Command Software[edit]

  • Equip Ships Like...
  • Rearm Ships
  • Refuel Ships
  • Resupply Ships

Trade Command Software Mk1[edit]

Permits you to issue the following orders:

  • Buy Ware
  • Sell Ware

Trade Command Software Mk2[edit]

Permits you to issue the following orders:

  • Buy Ware for Best Price
  • Sell Ware for Best Price
  • Transfer Freight via Drones

Trade Command Software Mk3[edit]

This version is required for Sector and Universe Traders. Permitted commands are:

  • Start Sector Trader
  • Start Universe Trader

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