Concussion Impulse Generator

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Concussion Impulse Generator
Hull Damage (dps)3,200
Shield Damage (dps)9,800 kJ
Range3.46 km
Rate of Fire75 shots/minute
Projectile Speed420 m/s
Max Weapon Energy5,000 MJ
Energy Cost/Second307 MJ/sec
Ware Concussion Impulse Generator
Cargo ClassM
Min. Price (Cr)408,365
Ave. Price (Cr)448,752
Max. Price (Cr)489,139


Commonwealth standard M6 and M7 weapon that send the target it scores tumbling. Concussion effect does however make it difficult to sustain fire on smaller targets, an issue compounded by it significantly higher energy drain and only marginally higher DPS compared to the cheaper High-Energy Plasma Thrower. An advantage is that if it scores a hit, it stops fighters dead in their tracks. While this often causes shots to be wasted it makes it very easy to land a killing blow upon them. Its principle advantages over the HEPT as a weapon mounted on corvettes are its noticeably longer range and high hull damage, though it is much less efficient against shields. If equipped as the main weapon on a craft with a good laser recharge rate, like the Hyperion or Skiron, this is a small consequence, as the generators do a good job keeping up with sustained fire. Another benefit is the increased size of the projectiles, leading to a higher hit rate against small targets, emphasizing its purpose as an anti-fighter weapon.

Encyclopedia Entry[edit]

The Concussion Impulse Generator uses advanced technology to create powerful ripples in subspace. These bursts are strong enough to physically move objects and the high energy levels can drain shielding and cause moderate structural damage.


The CIG has poor energy efficiency, and it cannot hit targets at long range because as well as making the target briefly lose navigational control it also slows it enough for any subsequent shots that were tracking the target to fly long. As such, given it is available throughout the Commonwealth, it is very underused. It does however make a decent choice for OoS patrol, where the higher DPS and irrelevant energy drain give lighter patrol ships more punch than the ubiquitous HEPT.

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