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General difficulty:[edit]



Mission offered by all races (except Xenon and Kha'ak obviously) to request a certain number of a specific ware to be delivered to the station. Oftentimes a resource strapped factory.

What you will need:[edit]

  • Delivery vehicle(s), preferably with jumpdrive
  • Source of wares sufficient for request

What you will find:[edit]

  • Greedy, pompous mission giver.
  • Number of wares needed.
  • A varying time limit (hence the varying difficulty).
  • Your reward will be paid after all the wares have been transferred.


The reward occurs on top of whatever sales value you get at the station.

Usually the reward is sufficient to cover any losses if a trader comes in before you and depresses the sales price. Needless to say potentially very profitable if you can acquire wares at minimum price and deliver for maximum price, turning a profit on delivery in addition to the reward.

There is a time delay between you docking with the wares at the destination station and the quest giver taking the wares off of you to finish the quest. So if the quest asks you to return 100 nostrop oil and you have 200, you can dock to the station, quickly sell 100, and then wait for the quest giver to take the other 100. This works even if the station can only hold 100 and you already filled those.

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