Elysium of Light

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Sector Information
Race Goner
Security Level Border
Population 38,966
Planets 3
Sun Strength 100%
Sector Size 40 km
North6,220 m3,160 m16,200 mHarmony of Perpetuity (AP)
South0 m0 m-17,437 mTreasure Chest
Universe Map


Goner prophets and mystics, their mission now complete, travel along a very different path to that of their forefathers. The burning prophecy that Nathan R Gunne's words once held is embodied in this sector, now home to an ever-increasing number of believers, intent on ensuring that the truth of Gunne's Crusade lives on in eternity. To that end, each new station is blessed and considered a distant annexe of the Goner Temple.

Default Stations[edit]

  • Goner Temple


Goner Navigation
Core Sectors
Border Sectors Elysium of Light | Harmony of Perpetuity
Capital Ships M1: Aran, Mobile Repair Ship | M2: None | M2+: None | M7: None | M7C: None | M7M: None
Fighters GO: Ranger | M3: None | M3+: None | M4: None | M4+: None | M5: None
Escort Ships M6: Truelight Seeker | M6+: None | M8: None
Transports TL: Ozias | TM: None | TP: None | TS: None | TS+: None
Racial Wares