Fighter Drone

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Ware Fighter Drone
Cargo ClassM
Min. Price (Cr)3,195
Ave. Price (Cr)4,044
Max. Price (Cr)4,893
Fighter Drone
Speed (Min-Max)400 - 400 m/s
Acceleration (Min-Max)100 - 100 m/s2
Steering (Min-Max)120 - 120 RPM
Hull Strength50
Max. Shield (Total)0 x 0 (0 MJ)
Shield Reactor100 MW
Cargo Class (Min-Max)2 - 2 @ S
Laser Capacitor500 MJ
Laser Recharge15 MW
                                                                                                         Main x 1


Encyclopedia Entry[edit]

A fighting drone can be launched a great distance against an enemy ship and attacks targets autonomously.


Cheap limited duration stand in for an M5. Only carries one IRE, and lasts for approximately 10 minutes, but its maneuverability makes it very hard to hit. Good decoys for TS class ships under attack. Fighter drones may be recovered by ships with open cargo bay space and an empty docking bay.

For OOS combat, the combination of a TM and fighter drones makes for a cheap alternative to an M5 carrier. As drones are easier to replace, attrition losses are less of a logistical problem, essentially commoditizing fighter power. In this role the superior speed of fighter drones (compared to the Fighter Drone MKII or Keris) makes them more attractive for projecting power as it permits them to reach firing range faster.

For IS combat, the weak power of the IRE and limitations on number of platforms that may attack at once severely limits drone effectiveness, especially against capital ships, and MKII or heavier drones may prove more effective.

It is a common misconception for players to assume that only TS and TM-class craft carry fighter drones because the AI is scripted to do so when under attack by a particular enemy and no other craft can carry them. This is not true; all fighter drones are compatible with any craft that has M-class cargo capability or higher.

As with all fighter drones, their kills do not register for your reputation and combat ranks, and you still need to directly participate in combat in order to remedy this problem.

Trading information[edit]

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