Freight Scan

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A Mission offered at stations.


Scan as many ships as possible for contraband or valuable wares. You have to be within 4 km of a ship to scan it.

General Difficulty:[edit]

Easy - but make sure you have a Police Licence for that race, unless you are taking a pirate scan mission. With pirate scan missions, some ships you scan will drop their goods, while others may turn hostile.

What you will need:[edit]

Commentary and Strategy[edit]

Just scan everything you can find in the sector. You will receive a % worth of the illegal goods you find, but even if you don't you will get paid for each ship scanned. If you do a pirate scan mission, it is essentially the same, but you get paid a much lower % however instead of just receiving money for illegal goods, you get paid for all (or so they claim) the goods you scanned.

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