Harmony of Perpetuity

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Sector Information
Race Goner
Security Level Border
Population 57,228,713
Planets 1
Sun Strength 450%
Sector Size 110 km
South0 m0 m-51,200 mElysium of Light
Universe Map


Encyclopedy Entry[edit]

The discovery of this intriguing sector has been a welcome distraction for the neighbouring Argon, who are facing conflict. Each star in this trinary system has a distinctively different composition as well as a very active solar cycle. Initial attempts to build stations in this sector failed when violent solar activity forced an evacuation. The lone planet is a barren world, gravitationally locked with the central star. Studies of its surface will hopefully answer questions about this sector's past and suggest colonisation options for the future. The Argon Government has warned against building new stations or visiting in modestly-shielded ships, for fear of another solar event. Some entrepreneurs, looking to exploit the energy of the suns, have completely ignored any warnings.

This sector first appeared in Terran Conflict, added by the "A Sunny Place" DLC.

Default Stations[edit]


Asteroid Coordinates (m)
Ore 16 -18800 19900 8620
Silicon 19 15000 6520 -8300
Silicon 20 -49500 -22200 -5280
Ore 18 17300 -23800 -40800
Silicon 18 -12100 426 25400

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