Impulse Ray Emitter

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Impulse Ray Emitter
Hull Damage (dps)140
Shield Damage (dps)1,400 kJ
Range1.39 km
Rate of Fire400 shots/minute
Projectile Speed1,162 m/s
Max Weapon Energy450 MJ
Energy Cost/Second26 MJ/sec
Ware Impulse Ray Emitter
Cargo ClassS
Min. Price (Cr)3,928
Ave. Price (Cr)4,676
Max. Price (Cr)5,424


The Impulse Ray Emitter is the lightest and by far the cheapest weapon available, commonly fitted to M5, TS, and TP class ships.

Although it is the base level laser in the game it is deceptively hard to find. All Argonian Equipment Stations supposedly carry the IRE but they are usually out of stock. The best way to reliably find one is to hunt down a Boron Light Weapons Complex and wait for stock to become available. To speed up the process you can bring the necessary materials to the factory with your Mercury, or any other cargo ship you have at your disposal.

Encyclopedia Entry[edit]

This is a basic laser that is used in many light weapons and smaller fighter craft.

It has a extremely high rate of fire, is very light, and is an excellent weapon for missile defense purposes in turrets.

The Impulse Ray Emitter is one of the oldest energy-based weapons around. They require not much power to fire, and usually have quite a rapid fire rate. No one actually knows when the weapon was first developed.


The IRE is a Scout class weapon that simply isn't powerful enough to deal appreciable damage to anything bigger. They're usually only seriously used for missile defence, for which their good accuracy excels, their poor DPS is an irrelevance and their minute power consumption an advantage if heavier weapons are draining the batteries. Also good for cheaply arming (Commonwealth) mobile-mining fleets to break apart rocks. It does some noticeable damage to shields on lighter craft, but its damage against hulls is absolutely abysmal. It is notable as the main weapon of fighter drones and many types of cargo and transport craft. As a scout weapon it is often essential, as their poor laser recharge rate means its their only option for a weapon that can keep up a fairly constant barrage of fire.

Known Compatible Ships[edit]

List of Compatible Ships

Available at Known Docks[edit]

Three Worlds: Argon Equipment Dock