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Ware Jump Beacon
Cargo ClassM
Min. Price (Cr)275,136,913
Ave. Price (Cr)280,751,952
Max. Price (Cr)286,366,991


The Jump Beacon is a deployable device that functions as a one-way jumpgate, allowing jumpdrive-equipped player and NPC ships to jump to it from any location in the universe, much like they can jump to an ordinary gate. This makes it particularly useful in sectors without gates, such as many Terran sectors, which are otherwise only accessible by jumping to the nearest gate and flying through the Trans-Orbital Accelerators leading to the destination sector.

Unlike a gate, and like a satellite or lasertower, a Jump Beacon can be picked up and ejected at any location. It can also be destroyed by enemies.

Encyclopedia Entry[edit]

This device appears to provide encrypted coordinate data to compatible ships so ships can jump to certain locations. The configuration also suggests that the beacon can provide a homing signal for inbound jumps.


The Jump Beacon spawns extremely rarely on enemy M1, M2, M6, M7, and M8 ships, and is most often carried by Rapid Response units. It can be left as a drop from a destroyed ship that carries it, or captured via boarding.


Appears in the Terran plot line.

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