Kha'ak Sector 926

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Sector Information
Race Kha'ak
Security Level Border
Sun Strength 100%
Sector Size km
Universe Map


This is the location of the shattered remains of the Kha'ak's homeworld, which was accidentally destroyed by the TF/CPU ships #efaa and #deff, when they made Black Hole Sun's star go nova. The star unleashed a gamma-ray burst, which hit the planet a few years later, and broke it. The Kha'ak's Hive Queen lives in orbit of this dead place.

Default Stations[edit]

Until the final mission of Operation Final Fury, the sector only has ships. Once that mission starts, there are two Kha'ak Stations, protected by Guardians. There's also a giant spherical cage that surrounds the sector.


Kha'ak Sector 926 does not have any asteroids, and the Kha'ak Homeworld's remains are not mineable either.