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The Manual Trade Run is a command enabled by the Trading System Extension.

A Manual Trade Run identifies a station the ship should dock to and wares to purchase followed by the identification of a station to sell the specified trade good at. This run may be designated to repeat indefinitely.

Failure conditions[edit]

Once the command is issued the autopilot takes over but will halt the trade or subsequent trades under certain conditions.

The trade run will be halted at the ships point of origin if the designated sale station does not ordinarily purchase the selected product (e.g. weapons sold to a solar power plant). The trade is identified as invalid and the ship will remain at its starting point sending notification that the sale station "doesn't want any of that!"

The autopilot may abort the run upon docking at its designated purchase station if the station has run out of stock to conduct the trade.

A trade may initiate but will abort at the point of sale station, leaving the ship with unsold goods on hand, under the following circumstances:

  • the station has reached capacity for the good being sold
  • the autopilot determines the selling price has dropped below the purchase price

If any of these failures occur, the autopilot will send a specific notification and remain idle at the station where the trade failure occurred until it is given new orders.

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