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A Mission usually offered at stations.


Patrol sector(s) with the assigned escort and destroy all hostile targets enroute.

General Difficulty:[edit]


What you will need:[edit]

  • Appropriate combat ship; could be anything from a decent M4 to a kitted out M1 depending on your fight rank.

What you will find:[edit]

  • Random Yaki or Pirate ships spawning in the sector (You will lose rep with them if you kill them, so if you don't want to lose rep with them, this mission is not for you).
  • Random and unorganised Kha'ak or Xenon ships that are just passing through but get caught in the fray.
  • Hostile strength increases with combat rank. Expect many M1/M2/M6 class ships much later on.

Commentary and Strategy[edit]

A handy mission if you want to cap some Pirate or Yaki ships. You will get paid for every ship you kill; the bigger the ship, the more you're paid. A good mission to practice your combat flying on, but beware; at higher levels, the chances are that your pithy escort will be no match for the opponents you face, leaving the burden of the work on you. You'll need the right tool for the task, which at higher levels costs a lot of money, meaning that this mission type can easily outgrow you and turn up some monsters if you're not careful.

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