Plasma Burst Generator

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Plasma Burst Generator
Hull Damage (dps)109
Shield Damage (dps)427 kJ
Range0.787 km
Rate of Fire54 shots/minute
Projectile Speed375 m/s
Max Weapon Energy500 MJ
Energy Cost/Second50 MJ/sec
Ware Plasma Burst Generator
Cargo ClassS
Min. Price (Cr)109,266
Ave. Price (Cr)128,548
Max. Price (Cr)147,830


The Plasma Burst Generator or PBG is a Pirate weapon that is often found equipped on Pirate ships. It resembles a large flame thrower and can be equipped on many Commonwealth ships of the fighter and corvette classes. Not to be confused with the PBE, PRG or PSG.

Encyclopedia Entry[edit]

A weapon mostly found on some medium to larger sized fighter craft.

Though expensive for privateers, the better-equipped members of the better organized pirate gangs are known to use these regularly. Borrowing heavily from space engine designs, they essentially spew out a large, fiery stream of plasma, which then rapidly dissipates into space.


An obscenely powerful fighter weapon exclusive to the M3 and M6 class with short range. Each shot affects a volume of space, a vessel in this space may accrue multiple damage strikes, accumulating into significant damage. A bank of PBGs can cause the loss of upwards of a third of the shielding of an M3 heavy fighter, and is the most useful tool by far for fighter pilots trying to destroy a battleship.

Known Compatible Ships[edit]

The Plasma Burst Generator is compatible with a broad variety of M3 and M6 ships of all major races (including Pirates and Yaki), the only exception being Kha'ak, Terran, and Xenon ships.

Available at Known Docks[edit]

Plasma Burst Generators are tricky to obtain.

There are Plasma Burst Generator Forges in the Unknown Sector east of PTNI Headquarters, in LooManckStrat's Legacy, in Danna's Chance and in Maelstrom. However, they are hostile towards all players at the start, which means that they don't sell their Plasma Burst Generators to the player. A Station Hack will solve this problem.

With a lot of luck some bailed out or boarded pirate ships may still have some PBGs equipped.