Plasma Burst Generator Forge

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 Pirate Plasma Burst Generator Forge
Shields9 GJ
Production Time00:42:00
Product Plasma Burst Generator (1)
Required Resources
Energy Cells (630)
Ore (105)
Space Fuel
Optional Resources
Space Weed


Plasma Burst Generator Forges are Pirate factories that produce the Plasma Burst Generator from Energy Cells, Ore and Space Fuel.

NPC stations will buy Crystals and Space Weed as secondary resources.

There are Plasma Burst Generator Forges in the Unknown Sector east of PTNI Headquarters, in LooManckStrat's Legacy, in Danna's Chance and in Maelstrom. However, they are hostile towards all players at the start, which means that they don't sell their Plasma Burst Generators to the player. A Station Hack will solve this problem.

Encyclopedia Entry[edit]

This production complex manufactures the Plasma Burst Generator.


Can be purchased from the Yaki Shipyard in Senator's Badlands as a reward for completing Shady Business.