Recon Drone Construction Facility

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 Boron Recon Drone Construction Facility
Hull1 000 000
Shields9 GJ
Generator2 000
Buy:Boron Queen's Guard @2,349,724 Cr
Production Time03:20:00
Product Recon Drone (12)
Required Resources
Energy Cells (3000)
BoFu (500)
Silicon Wafers (125)
Optional Resources
Computer Components
Quantum Tubes


Recon Drone Construction Facilities are Boron factories that produce the Recon Drone from Energy Cells, BoFu and Silicon Wafers.

NPC stations will buy Computer Components and Quantum Tubes as secondary resources.

Encyclopedia Entry[edit]

The Recon Drone Construction Facility now mass-produces these versatile and high-specification drones, capable of infiltrating well-defended areas.


This factory is sold exclusively at Queen's Retribution.