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Warning, the following information concerns game modifications, which may cause problems.

The X-universe games are almost endlessly moddable, and even have an in-game script editor, allowing players to do almost anything, from the ability to affect the inner workings of the game to something as basic as giving themselves some extra cash. Add to this several ship and station modelling programmes and you have some very good community-created content. There are so many, in fact, that it would be foolish to try and fit them all on this page.

Thankfully, Egosoft maintains such a repository in their forums:

Mods will generally result in a game save to be marked as *modified*, as opposed to Vanilla games which are unmarked. Some simple graphical changes, such as low-polygon asteroids or the removal of complex tubes, do not trigger a modified tag.

Activation of the Script Editor[edit]

To activate the SE, rename your pilot to "Thereshallbewings" (Look out for the capital T and double l that the key repeat rate hinders). If it worked correctly, the game will freeze for a short while, and when it comes back your name should be unchanged. Instead, you will now be able to access the script editor from the ship command console. (Shift-C, s in Terran Conflict)

Once here you can see scripts the game is running, manually run scripts, edit or write your own, and view other additional information.

Activation of the Galaxy Editor[edit]

To activate the GE, rename your pilot to "Makeanapplepiefromscratch". You will find a new "Game Start" when you create a new game called "Galaxy Editor". It is found below "Custom Game". You will be prompted with two options: "Revelation", which is the Game galaxy in X3:AP and "<New Map>". If you modify "Revelation", you will change the map in which you are currently playing with your saves. (be careful)

The Galaxy Editor enables you to do pretty much anything when it comes to creation. You can make new sectors, stations, Suns, Nebulas, Gates, Ships and Asteroids.

The Difference Between Scripts & Mods[edit]

Mods is often used as a term for any modifications in general, however scripts are specifically distinct from mods. Scripts are sections of code directly changing or adding to the game by running additional features, such as plugins. An example would be anything ranging from a plugin allowing complex combat or economic changes, to a simple 'give me money' cheat. Mods are the changes to any of the actual models or type files, examples include adding or changing ship or station models, compatible weaponry, changing game-starts or the universe layout, or other graphical changes.

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