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Shields protect space vessels from damage in space.
Primarily intended to protect against micrometeorite erosion, shields also protect against collision and weapons fire.

Shields are broadly broken down into three categories - Light, Medium and Heavy

Shield Types[edit]

Light Shields[edit]

Most often found on M5 Scout and M4 Interceptor ships, these shields tend to be able to stand up to only the lightest of weapons fire. These are produced at the Light Shield Production Complex.

1 MJ[edit]

Ware 1 MJ Shield
Shield Strength1 MJ
Power Requirement33 KW
Recharge Rate98

Min. Price (Cr)4,154
Ave. Price (Cr)5,192
Max. Price (Cr)6,230

1 MJ shields are the lightest shields available and usually found on M5 Scout ships.

5 MJ[edit]

Ware 5 MJ Shield
Shield Strength5 MJ
Power Requirement83 KW
Recharge Rate237

Min. Price (Cr)17,200
Ave. Price (Cr)20,800
Max. Price (Cr)24,300

5 MJ shields are common among M4 Interceptor ships and the heaviest M5 Scout ships.

Medium Shields[edit]

Medium Shields are most often found on M3 Fighter and M6 Corvette military ships, and most non-military ships; although occasionally also on M4 Interceptor ships too. These are produced at the Medium Shield Production Complex.

25 MJ[edit]

Ware 25 MJ Shield
Shield Strength25 MJ
Power Requirement250 KW
Recharge Rate675

Min. Price (Cr)74,600
Ave. Price (Cr)84,700
Max. Price (Cr)96,800

25 MJ shields are widespread among TP Personnel Transport, TS Transport, and M3 Fighter ships. They are also a featured strength of M4+ Heavy Interceptor ships.

200 MJ[edit]

Ware 200 MJ Shield
Shield Strength200 MJ
Power Requirement1500 KW
Recharge Rate4050

Min. Price (Cr)140,200
Ave. Price (Cr)155,800
Max. Price (Cr)171,400

Found on larger ships like the TL Large Transport and M6 Corvette. 200 MJ shields are heavy protection for civilian ships and lighter military vessels.

Heavy Shields[edit]

These are produced at the Heavy Shield Production Complex.

1 GJ[edit]

Ware 1 GJ Shield
Shield Strength1000 MJ
Power Requirement2000 KW
Recharge Rate5400

Min. Price (Cr)275,200
Ave. Price (Cr)299,200
Max. Price (Cr)323,100

Primarily found on M7 Frigate and M7M Missile Frigate ships, these heavy shields are a balance between heavy protection and compact form.

2 GJ[edit]

Ware 2 GJ Shield
Shield Strength2000 MJ
Power Requirement2000 KW
Recharge Rate5100

Min. Price (Cr)703,000
Ave. Price (Cr)747,900
Max. Price (Cr)792,800

Primarily found on M1 Carrier and M2 Destroyer ships. These heavy shields are currently the most protective units available to mobile units.


Stations feature heavy shields, ranging from light 9 GJ installations to massive 40 GJ arrays.


If the encyclopedia is correct, it appears that 1 GJ shields recharge more quickly than 2 GJ shields. However, units are not provided for the recharge values, so it may represent time required to recharge.