Supply Command Software

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Ware Supply Command Software
Cargo Class-
Min. Price (Cr)2,919
Ave. Price (Cr)2,948
Max. Price (Cr)2,977


Supply Command Software provides options to automate resupply of flotillas and is shown under the Special options.

Encyclopedia Entry[edit]

Supply Software is the culmination of the work by several Argon corporations. The suite of commands it provides is ideal for maintaining both military and civilian fleets alike.

Available Commands[edit]

Supply Command Software[edit]

  • Equip Ships Like...
  • Rearm Ships
  • Refuel Ships
  • Resupply Ships


Trading information[edit]

Sold by; Primary Resource at Secondary Resource at Traded at
  • Race Factory where this ware is sold
  • List of Race Factories where this ware is a primary resource
  • List of Race Factories where this ware is a secondary resource
  • List of Trading Stations where this ware is traded (sector only)

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