Tornado Missile

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Tornado Missile
Yield x Warheads50,000 x 8
Speed312 m/s
Range24.9 km
Cooldown ms
Target AcquisitionAutonomous
Area of Effect m
Ware Tornado Missile
Cargo ClassM
Volume8 (AP:4)
Min. Price (Cr)
Ave. Price (Cr)16,844
Max. Price (Cr)


The Tornado swarm dumbfire medium missile is most useful employed on fighters strafing larger targets, mainly bigger capital ships. Its ability to deal respectable damage to such a target makes it the most popular dumbfire missile, as well as the only useful one since all the others tend to be pitifully ineffective.

Encyclopedia Entry[edit]

The Tornado Missile improves on the one-shot one-chance performance of the Firefly by overpowering the target with a swarm of missiles. Using an array of armaments, the Tornado is launched either simultaneously, or in swift succession, allowing the pilot to strafe the target with a battery of attacks.


The Tornado is wasted on smaller ships, but adds considerable destructive ability to a smaller ship conducting a combat operation against a larger one. The missile's only real drawback is the mammoth amount of cargo capacity that the munition gobbles up. In Albion Prelude, its volume was halved, allowing even an M3 with decent cargo hold to act as a make-shift missile boat that can put a serious dent or outright destroy a capital ship or station.

Note: There are no pre-existing factories for this missile. However, the factories can be bought from some Split shipyards and are fully functional. The Tornado is a highly dangerous missile, used by fighters for close-in strafings. (the missile fires as 8 separate warheads in quick succession, making its total damage 400mj.) Occasionally, Xenon fighters will drop them.