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Ware Trading System Extension
Cargo Class-
Min. Price (Cr)8,176
Ave. Price (Cr)8,984
Max. Price (Cr)9,792


A Trading System Extension permits a pilot to monitor and interact with the market functions of stations without docking to them, this is primarily useful for managing Out-of-Sector trading. It is a vital upgrade for trading tycoons maintaining far flung ships and stations.

To be effective, the Trading System Extension must coordinate with an owned ship, satellite, or station within the distant sector in which the station to trade with resides.

Autopilots aboard ships with the Trading System Extension may execute the command:

Encyclopedia Entry[edit]

Using the trading system extension a pilot can request detailed price information for all goods without actually docking to a factory or space station. This can be very useful for frequent traders.


Trading information[edit]

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Software Trade Command Software Mks 1, 2 &3 | Commodity Logistics Software Mks 1 & 2

Trading System Extension

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