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A Mission offered at stations.


Just a simple mission to pick up and deliver goods from point A to point B within a time limit.

General Difficulty:[edit]

Easy, just make sure you've got enough cargo space.

What you will need:[edit]

What you will find:[edit]

  • Dock at the specified station and the goods will be loaded automatically. If you do not have enough cargo space you will get a message saying so.
  • Deliver these wares as soon as possible and you will get your reward if delivered on time.

Commentary and Strategy[edit]

The goods you will be transporting are specialist goods and are worthless as no other station will accept them, so do not expect to become rich trying to sell them.

Wares Transported[edit]

A list of all the wares you will be asked to transport, along with size and cargo class

Name Size Cargo Class*
Artefact 4 M
Medical Equipment 5 M
Cartography Chips 1 S
Entertainment Chips 1 S
Radioactive Waste 3 XL
Luxury Foodstuffs 2 S

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