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Ware Duplex Scanner
Cargo ClassS
Min. Price (Cr)4,170
Ave. Price (Cr)4,212
Max. Price (Cr)4,254
Ware Triplex Scanner
Cargo ClassM
Min. Price (Cr)9,730
Ave. Price (Cr)9,828
Max. Price (Cr)9,926

Scanners are the sensors which permit you to detect distant objects.

Emissive objects in space are usually displayed in the sensor circle on your hud as some form of icon.

For instance:

Ship Class Symbol Description Symbol
M3 Triangle with 2 bars underneath
M4 Triangle with 1 bar underneath
M5 Triangle


Various sensor packages have different ranges.

Sensor Range
Basic Ship/Station 10 km
Duplex 20 km
Triplex 30 km
Navigation Relay Satellite 22 km
Advanced Satellite 35 km

Item Availability

Most Military Outposts are places where these wares are available, especially triplex scanners. Satellites can also be found at some trading stations and the respective factories that produce them. Duplex scanners are widely available at many equipment docks.