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The Turbo Booster comes with the community bonus packs of signed scripts available for download from Egosoft's website. Once the appropriate bonus pack is installed, the Turbo Booster can be found at Split equipment docks in both a Mk1 and Mk2 form, costing 1 845 524 and 17 926 236 credits respectively.


A key needs to be bound to activate the turbo booster. Once activated, it will dramatically boost the speed of the ship for a limited time before requiring a cooldown. The booster requires energy to function, and will consume Energy Cells if they are in the ship's cargo, otherwise it will consume shield energy.

Difference Between Mk1 and Mk2 Booster[edit]

The Mk1 Turbo Booster is intended for anything Corvette-sized (M6) or smaller. For Frigates (M7) or larger, the Mk2 Turbo Boost is required.