Unknown Sector (The Hub)

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Sector Information
Race Unknown
Security Level Border
Population Unknown
Planets 1
Sun Strength 150%
Sector Size 40 km
Connection 120,200 m0 m0 m
Connection 217,500 m0 m10,100 m
Connection 317,500 m0 m-10,100 m
Connection 4-20,200 m0 m0 m
Connection 5-17,500 m0 m-10,100 m
Connection 6-17,500 m0 m10,100 m
Universe Map


For more info. on the Hub's 6 gates and connection see the Hub plot. When initially discovered, this sector will be deep in xenon territory and convoys are not uncommon. This can be rectified during the Hub plot.

Default Stations[edit]

  1. Xenon Hub (1m,17800m,1m)


The Hub contains no asteroids.

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