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Artificial General Intelligence, a general term for artificial intelligences.

The most famous AGI are:


The Terrans had been using terraformer machines in order to make planets habitable, and when no longer needed these were often abandoned and left to float through space.

Over time, the Terrans decided to shut down the core CPU. For some unknown reason, a man named Marteen Winters opposed the idea. He sent a malicious virus code to all terraformers which corrupted them, turning them against their creators. For hundreds of years, Winters kept himself alive by putting himself in a cryogenic sleep. Until the #cafe mission, Winters has been evading capture and partially controlling the Xenon, driving one of the CPU ships known as #cafe.

Some terraformers existed in isolation and developed independently, such as the terraformer found recently in Aldrin and another in a trackless Unknown Sector.


Xenon have become a general threat to the X-universe and frequently become problems when their patrols rampage through systems. Also, some Xenon controlled sectors lie in the shortest path between different arms of commonwealth space.


In the aftermath of the Terraformer War, the Terrans formed a special group to combat AGI development problems, usually through research suppression. The AGI Task Force, or ATF, is tasked with protecting earth from terraformers and other artificial intelligence threats.