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Sector Information
Race Pirates
Security Level Border
Population 71,731,390
Planets 0
Sun Strength 150%
Sector Size 80 km
North0 m0 m34,000 mHomily of Perpetuity
South-5,000 m0 m-38,500 mSpaceweed Grove
Universe Map


Owned by Pirates, and usually traded along by Teladi and Pirate traders. Traders usually move downwards from Homily of Perpetuity, trading energy from the Solar Power Plants to the 3 stations in the sector. Traders then move freely between these two pirate sectors, trading in various resources that will eventually result in the manufacture of Spaceweed.


Currently contested by both Pirate and Teladi forces, this sector is profitable and deadly in equal measure. Diplomacy is carried out with shields raised and targets locked. Your presence may be considered a threat to either side.

Default Stations[edit]

  1. Computer Plant alpha
  2. Dream Farm M alpha
  3. Flower Farm M alpha


0 Known

Pirate Navigation
Core Sectors No sector known with Core security
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Fighters M3: Blastclaw | M3+: None | M4: None | M4+: None | M5: Harrier
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Transports TL: None | TM: Caravel | TP: None | TS: None | TS+: None
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