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Asteroids are large rock-like hunks of matter in space. They represent significant navigation hazards, although low density fields are navigable.

Certain large varieties are immune to standard ship weapons fire and require certain heavy weapons or a Mining Laser to shatter. These asteroids may have mining facilities placed on them to extract resources vital to space-borne industries.


In the X Universe, asteroids are classified by 4 types of minerals.

Asteroids Lists
Silicon Ore Ice Nvidium

Traditionally, most common factories use Ore or Silicon, with Nividium having very few uses outside of certain plot missions. Ice is a special case, as it is used exclusively by the Terran, and so is either very important (for Terrans), or not very important at all (for Commonwealth factories).


Additionally, Each type has certain amount of yield. The higher the yield the more raw resource can be mined from mining stations placed on the asteroid. A Mineral Scanner is useful when surveying asteroid fields for the richest yields.

Asteroid Yield Ranges
Asteroid Type Minimum Yield Maximum Yield
Ore 1 102
Silicon 1 72
Ice 1 133
Nividium 1 72

Smaller asteroids may be broken up by normal weapons fire and may be collected, an activity upon which Mobile Mining is based.

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