Brennan's Triumph

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Sector Information
Race Pirate
Security Level Border
Population 98,944,839
Planets 3
Sun Strength 150%
Sector Size 50 km
North0 m8,125 m25,200 mOlmancketslat's Treaty
South11,250 m-6,250 m-25,200 mDanna's Chance
West-25,200 m0 m0 mSplit Fire
Universe Map


Encyclopedia Entry[edit]

The last Xenon conflict with the sentient races brought forth many heroes. This system is named after one of the foremost of those who risked all to repel the Xenon threat. Although the name still has deep echoes of honor, courage and wisdom, the system is corrupt and dangerous. The Argon are particular concerned that the use of this system as a base for the slave trade is an insult to one of their most honored names.


Brennan's Triumph is a very new name for this sector. Once known as Alpha Centauri, it hold the accolade of being the closest sector astrographically to Earth and the first alien star system to be visited by Humans.

Following the Terraformer War, this Sector became a Terraformer stronghold, with the destroyed Gate that once led back to Earth at its centre. During the Second Xenon Conflict seven centuries later, an Argon hero named Kyle Brennan spearheaded an assault into the heart of Xenon space, driving them out of the northwestern X-Universe. This Sector, liberated from Xenon control, quickly fell into use by slave traders and criminals, an unfitting fate for a Sector newly named after the man whose exploits there changed the X-Universe forever.

The burnt world that lies behind Split Fire's jumpgate is called "Taurus". Back in its prime, it was the largest Terran colony outside of the Solar System, but the Terraformers maimed the planet in their quest for vengeance. The survivors moved to Argon Prime in the second half of the 22nd century.

Default Stations[edit]


Asteroid Coordinates (m)
Ore 34 3273 -732 5712
Ore 20 -2314 4044 -2635
Ore 15 8088 3731 -3074
Ore 15 1828 1652 -7714
Ore 6 7741 4170 2626
Ore 6 3334 3616 -1552
Silicon 26 -7396 -3580 -6678
Silicon 26 -12393 1585 -9812
Silicon 13 -1073 4712 6854
Silicon 13 -10273 -1092 703

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