Drone Production Facility

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  Drone Production Facility
Shields GJ
Production Time00:00:00
Product Fighter Drone ()
Second Product by Race
Required Resources
Energy Cells ()
Massom Powder ()
Silicon Wafers ()
Optional Resources
Computer Components
Quantum Tubes


This type of facility produces both MKI and MKII fighter drones, as well as freight drones.

Encyclopedia Entry[edit]

This Drone Production Facility has the ability to produce the latest in remotely-commanded space vehicles for a wide variety of applications.

Race-specific attributes[edit]

Drone Production Facility
Race Second Product Station Value
Argon Fighter Drone MKII ()
Buy:Trusted Ally @2 898 204 Cr
Split Fighter Drone MKII ()
Buy:Distinguished Associate @3 035 320 Cr
Teladi Freight Drone ()
Buy:Majority Shareholder @2 617 732 Cr


This station is not for sale.