Dumbfire Missile Production Complex

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  Dumbfire Missile Production Complex
Shields9 GJ
Production TimeVaries
Product Aurora Missile
Dragonfly Missile
Firefly Missile
Required Resources
Energy Cells
Silicon Wafers
Food by race
Optional Resources
Cloth Rimes


Dumbfire Missile Production Complexes produce various missiles from Energy Cells, Ore, Silicon Wafers and Food.

They will also buy Cloth Rimes and Warheads as secondary resources.

The exception, however, is the Dragonfly Missile, which is actually programmed to be an image-recognition tracking missile, and the developers made an oversight in including it in this kind of factory when in fact, it should have been more appropriately included in the Image Recognition Production Complex.

Encyclopedia Entry[edit]

This production facility manufactures Dumbfire Class missiles

Race-specific attributes[edit]

Race Food
Argon Meatsteak Cahoonas
Boron BoFu
Paranid Soja Husk
Split Rastar Oil
Teladi Nostrop Oil


Dumbfire Missile Production Complexes are default stations in race sectors. They are not sold at Shipyards.