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The M2+ class ships are Super Heavy Destroyers, an impressive and imposing addition in Albion Prelude. These are deadly ships and you should not get close to enemy M2+ ships unless you are equally armed, or very fast.

While there is no in-game distinction between standard M2s and M2+s, the increased shielding, heavier weapons, and increased cost of these new ships places them in a category of their own.

They normally have 4-8 turrets to defend the ship from any side, but no 'main' weapons that can be fired from the cockpit. These turrets can be armed with deadly weapons, ranging from the light fighter Particle Accelerator Cannon, to the M6 mounted Concussion Impulse Generator, to the powerful Incendiary Bomb Launcher, up to the ultimate Photon Pulse and Ion Cannons. They can easily take out most ships or stations in the universe.


Super Heavy Destroyers represent enormous investments of time and resources. Equipping these ships is difficult if you rely on NPC factories to supply its lasers, as Equipment Docks carry a maximum of 2-4 of the heavy weapons Destroyers specialize in. Building your own factories to construct these weapons yourself is recommended, particularly the Photon Pulse Cannon and the Point Singularity Projector, as each takes about 5 in-game hours construct, and a single Destroyer may use 24 or more of them.


The M2+ class vessels are;

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Sortable List[edit]

M2+ Super Heavy Destroyers
Name Race Class Speed Accel Steering Hull Shields Shield Reactor Turrets Laser Cap Laser Rchg. Cargo Cargo Class Hangar Price
Valhalla ATF M2+ 30 8.24 0.6 8,000,000 7 x 2GJ 18,000 6 500,000 9,995 12,500 XL 60 + 10 211,979,121
Megalodon Boron M2+ 52 6 0.8 6,200,000 6 x 2GJ 14,200 6 288,000 7,497 13,000 XL 5 128,475,928
Pteranodon Split M2+ 75 12 1.2 5,000,000 5 x 2GJ 15,000 3 300,000 6,000 8,500 XL 16 92,600,480
Kyoto Terran M2+ 49 7 0.9 6,250,000 7 x 2GJ 18,720 6 525,000 10,500 11,000 XL 6 154,000,000
I Xenon M2+ 48.9 5 0.5 7,000,000 6 x 2GJ 21,000 5 515,000 10,994 12,000 XL 0 85,240,440

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