Medium Shield Production Complex

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  Medium Shield Production Complex
Shields9 GJ
Production TimeVaries
Product 25 MJ Shield
200 MJ Shield
Required Resources
Energy Cells
Food by Race
Optional Resources
Quantum Tubes


Medium Shield Production Complexes are NPC factories that produce medium Shields from Energy Cells, Ore and Food.

These stations will also buy Quantum Tubes as a secondary resource.

Encyclopedia Entry[edit]

This production complex manufactures medium shields


The Shield Production Facility 25 MJ can be bought from the Paranid Shipyard in Paranid Prime. (Added 12/15/2013)

These factories are unable to be built by the player and do not seem to be built by the GoD Engine after the game begins. This means that the number in the game is fairly limited.

As they provide both 25 MJ Shields and 200 MJ Shields, they are typically very useful to a player before they have set up their own shield manufacturing facilities.

Race-specific attributes[edit]

Race Food
Argon Meatsteak Cahoonas
Boron Bofu
Paranid Soja Husk
Split Rastar Oil
Teladi Nostrop Oil