Military Outpost

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Station Information
Race Commonwealth
Station Type Dock
Freight Capacity 0
Hull 15,000,000
Shields 30 x 2 GJ Shield
Unlimited x M3+-M5
10 x TS/TP/M6/M8
2-4 x M1/M2/M7

The Military Outpost is able to carry 36 Marines at a time. This makes the Military Outpost the prime spot for M7's who wish to fill up on Marines for Boarding Operations. The Military Outpost also carries an assortment of Goods, Weapons and Wares for the player to take advantage of, such as the Boarding Pods, which are only found at Military Outposts.

Please note that the Orbital Patrol Base and the Military Base are the Terran's counterpart to the Commonwealth's Military Outpost.

Normal Goods, Wares and Equipment[edit]

Name Volume Container Size Max Stock
Advanced Satellite 4 M 40
Energy Cells 1 S 5000
Fighter Drone 2 M 138
Lasertower 100 XL 2
Mass Driver Ammunition 1 S 832
Navigation Relay Satellite 3 M 82
SQUASH Mine 5 L 54
Name Volume Container Size Max Stock
Law Enforcement License - Upgrade
Name Volume Container Size Max Stock
Boarding Pod 4 S 6
Concussion Impulse Generator 25 M 2
Firestorm Torpedo 7 M 6
Flail Barrage Missile 7 M 16
Hammer Heavy Torpedo 15 L 10
Impulse Ray Emitter 1 S 276
Mass Driver 1 S 10
Particle Accelerator Cannon 3 S 32
Phased Repeater Gun 4 S 8
Tomahawk Heavy Missile 6 M 24

Name Volume Container Size Max Stock
1 MJ Shield 1 S 250
Name Volume Container Size Max Stock
Fight Command Software Mk1 - Upgrade
Freight Scanner - Upgrade
Triplex Scanner - Upgrade

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