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Optimised Technology,
Armaments and Shielding
Species Type Argon-allied
Homeworld Legend's Home
Systems 1
Government Corporation
10    OTAS Legend
9OTAS Hero
8OTAS Guardian
7OTAS Master Chief
6Combat Expert
5Combat Field Agent
4Armaments Professional
3Security Specialist
2Combat Support
1Hired Security
-1Suspected Security Breach
-2Known Antagonist
-3Confirmed Enemy
-4Confirmed Insurgent
-5Enemy of OTAS

OTAS is a private defense contractor that excels in research, development and production of advanced defense technology. OTAS isn't afraid to use its own products and influence to further its aims.


The Optimised Technology, Armaments and Shielding Corporation, commonly known as OTAS, is a corporation specializing in design and manufacture of advanced spaceships based in the Argon sector Legend's Home.

The technologies that can be bought at the OTAS HQ are top of the range, including Docking Computers and jumpdrives, and the ships that are available at the nearby OTAS Shipyard are frequently the most advanced in the Commonwealth. Whatever you need doing, the OTAS offering has a good chance of being the best ship for the job.

Government and Politics[edit]

Though not above dirty tricks, such as hiring contractors to kill off competitors, OTAS appears to hold itself above the standards of the Strongarms and Duke's Buccaneers.

Foreign Relations and Military[edit]

OTAS maintains cordial relations with the Argon Federation. Its military vessels patrol the sectors leading to Legend's Home, chiefly Aladna Hill (which features a resident OTAS Military Boreas) and Akeela's Beacon.



Geography and Climate[edit]

Science and Technology[edit]


OTAS is famous for designing and producing some of the best ships in the universe, many of which are readily available at their shipyard in Legend's Home. Among other things, they invented the M7M Missile Frigate.

M2 Destroyer - Boreas
Highly rated, and arguably the best capital-class warship.
M3 Fighter - Venti
One of the most feared top end fighters which has a massively high frontal weapons array. Not available for purchase in Terran Conflict, though it can be earned for reaching OTAS rank 7. In Albion Prelude, it can be purchased from Legend's Home.
M3+ Heavy Fighter - Notus
Another feared fighter, and far better than the Eclipse. Not available for purchase in Terran Conflict, but available in Albion Prelude.
M4 Interceptor - Eurus
A respectable interceptor. Not available for purchase in Terran Conflict, but available in Albion Prelude.
M4+ Heavy Interceptor - Solano
A top-ranked heavy interceptor. Available both in the shipyard and for reaching rank 4.
M6 Corvette - Skiron
A very heavy and effective escort. Available both in the shipyard and for reaching rank 10.
M7 Frigate - Astraeus Hauler
An OTAS frigate.
M7M Missile Frigate - Aquilo
The original M7M, upon which all the others are built.
M7M Missile Frigate - Sirokos
A boarding craft capable of carrying up to 30 marines. Reaching rank 10 with OTAS enables you to buy it at their shipyard.
M8 Bomber - Auster Hauler
A very heavily shielded bomber, it is arguably the best bomber in the game.
TM Military Transport - Zephyrus
Arguably the very best military transport available (despite having the smallest cargo bay in the class), and the only one with fixed weapons.
TS Transport - Mistral
A fast, highly capable freighter, but suffers from a lack of variants when compared to the other Commonwealth ship Options.
TS+ Heavy Transport - Mistral Super Freighter
The joint third largest TS+ available, it is also the fourth fastest, making it one of the best all-around TS+es. It is also cheap, and overall a smart choice for a Universe Trader.


Legend's Home

Upgrades available at OTAS HQ[edit]

With Bonus Pack


Core Worlds[edit]

  1. Legend's Home