Plasma Beam Cannon

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Plasma Beam Cannon
Hull Damage (dps)10,800
Shield Damage (dps)23,800 kJ
Range5.85 km
Rate of Fire100 shots/minute
Projectile Speed10,644 m/s
Max Weapon Energy2,000 MJ
Energy Cost/Second336 MJ/sec
Ware Plasma Beam Cannon
Cargo ClassXL
Min. Price (Cr)886,135
Ave. Price (Cr)942,696
Max. Price (Cr)999,257


The PBC is a powerful beam weapon with good range and compatibility with some Argon ships and the Pirate Carrack.

Encyclopedia Entry[edit]

A deadly weapon found on frigates, destroyers and carriers.

Originally the beam weapon used in laser towers, the Plasma Beam Cannon has been strengthened and adapted to be mounted on capital ships. While still not as powerful as the heaviest projectile weapons, it fires at the speed of light and thus provides advantages in accuracy and first-strike capabilities.


A very useful laser, the PBC is most commonly found in lasertowers. Its damage alone is unremarkable, but en masse it can be lethal, many lasertowers being a good tactic to use against difficult foes. They are not buyable in Vanilla excepting their use in lasertowers. If acquired, they essentially make any kind of corvette-level or flak weapon obsolete where they can be mounted: High damage output and range makes them unsurpassable as fighter defence.

In Vanilla, you can get the PBC by destroying lasertowers before their deployment is complete, or by using the "Transfer Freight via Drone" command. Oddly enough, the PBC by itself has greater volume and far greater credit value than the lasertower which held it. After the drone picked up the PBC, you can collect the lasertower and eject it again, upon which it will contain another PBC. Alternatively, you can use the Script Editor ingame to provide yourself with them.


Lasertowers including the PBC may be sold at the following stations:

Known Compatible Ships[edit]