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On this page we can all put the things that still have to be added to the wiki.
If you add/finish something you can edit it on this page by putting done behind it.

Admin TODO[edit]

  1. Put the universe map in the side menu between "Stations" and "Sectors".
  2. Pictures of ships/sectors/guns? (I for one would happily upload and post pictures for anything and everything I can, but as far as I can tell, there is no mechanic built into the wiki to do so.) ((The uploader is admin-only))
  3. Add side menu category for X3:AP (And soon X3:Rebirth)

To Do[edit]

Details (Small-scale)[edit]

  1. Complete Commodity Logistics Software Mk1 & Mk2 info
  2. Fill in page on construction of stations, complexes, open and closed loops, and general strategy for station placement for complexes.

Details (Large-scale)[edit]

  1. Fill in each ship page. particularly analysis and commentary. lots of holes in numeric data.
  2. Fill in sector pages.
  3. Flesh out ware detail pages (comments, trading information, etc.)
  4. Fill in Shipyard ship and factory availability on Sector Pages. (Use Template:ShipyardItem to fill in each item)


  1. Add mission chain for Duke's Buccaneers in Unknown Sector below Heaven's Assertion.
  2. In missions tap perhaps, add a new section for how to unlock other game modes for example the Kaa'ak start (make all main races max hate you)
  3. Fill in Commentary for X3:AP Missions


  1. Explain more in detail the nature of pirates and also how to gain notoriety with them in case people want to be friendly with pirates (also for access to bomb launcher)


  1. Construct Universe map. External sources sometimes shut down. also nicer for internal references/navigation. Rudimentary tools constructed. basic universe map complete
  2. Add all sectors - STARTED - Needs someone to alter the look to a uniform look.
  3. All listed ships have basic stubs and info from ship list.
  4. Make a list of all missions (plot? general description of other missions?)
  5. Make a list for all asteroids. - DONE (Added seperate page for every type).
  6. Add all ships on the ship page. All ship classes added, links to ownerless and a ship list. - DONE
  7. Make a list of all weapons (table needs data filled in though) - filled 20100921
  8. Make weapon detail pages (Basic weapons complete, missing kyon weapons, spare lasers, and fusion cannon) - woah,
  9. Make a list of all missiles. Needs table information. -done
  10. (and a sectormap maybe? be creative) -outsourced
  11. complete the list of ownerless ships (with coordinates) they can be found at the ships page-done-mostly fill from
  12. Make a list of all wares (and software or maybe seperate page for that and ill add it in the menu).-basic pages complete
  13. Added Headquarters page that lists production costs and traits of Player-owned HQs.
  14. Added Galaxy Editor page and links to it in the Scripts & Mods Page.
  15. build up a better information for Docking.
  16. flesh out Boarding and related pages
  17. Complete importation of factory lists.
  18. Under Marine, explain how to train to lvl them up and also generally how to set up a successful boarding in real combat situation.
  19. Update ships for AP (Albion Prelude)
  20. Fill in mission pages, particularly plots
  21. rationalize: Special:WantedPages. setup redirects to existing documents or create new stuff.
  22. fill in weapon page details, commentary etc.
  23. Complete missile detail information. added aoe to missile infobox
  24. Missile table format needs modification. missing area of effect. terminology needs definition.


Added a stub template {{stub|(notation)}} the notation should be a general categorization, but isn't needed. For instance on the Stott Mixery the notation was Boron Factory.

Category:Stub holds the stubs. Please feel free to mark appropriate articles you notice to this by using the template. Suitable nominations are articles missing information (like most of the stations or sectors). At some point it may become useful to subcategorize to identify which information is desired.