Trans-Orbital Accelerator

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The Trans-Orbital Accelerator, is the Terran equivalent of the jumpgate for use moving around the Solar System, as well as Aldrin. Rather than generating a warp tunnel between two points, it works by accelerating ships to high sublight speeds in a short distance and decelerating them at the complementary Trans-Orbital Accelerator. Trans-Orbital Accelerators are also used by the Argon in the Albion sectors.

Since warp/jump technology is not employed, the jumpdrive cannot use a Trans-Orbital Accelerator as an exit point. The jumpdrive can still be used to to jump out of a sector that has only Trans-Orbital Accelerators and no gates, but not in.

It is possible to jump into a sector connected only by Trans-Orbital Accelerators if a usable Jump Beacon is present in the sector. Only in Albion Prelude are jump beacons ever usable, so this only applies to that game.

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