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A Mission offered at stations.
Also known as taxi missions.


Two distinct missions in this article have the same objective; get the client to a given station within a time limit. Some, known as 'VIP Transport' missions, demand specifically a TP-class ship but pay much better than standard missions. It is not always obvious when you accept a mission whether it is a VIP or standard transport job.

Also similar, but listed separately are the Transport Passengers mission which do not require M5 or TP class ships, these missions are usually noted by a reference to getting to work, oftentimes military personnel reporting for duty.

General Difficulty[edit]

Depends very much on the distance, time limit and if you have a jumpdrive.

What you will need[edit]

All Missions[edit]

It is recommended to also have:

Transport Passenger[edit]

  • M5 class with decent speed.
    • Qualified Ships

Transport VIP[edit]

Commentary and strategy[edit]

Dock at the given station in the appropriate ship and the passenger will board automatically. You will get a notification of his arrival on your ship. Deliver him to the station within the time limit and you will get your reward. Usage of jumpdrives is a good way to speed up the flight, and a Docking Computer can shave off valuable seconds from tight schedules.

Deliver the passenger to a Pirate Base and you will get a slave, but unsurprisingly, you will forfeit your reward.

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