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Spychotic is an Engineering graduate from the University of Cambridge. He's played all of the X games excepting X-Tension, prefers the trading to the fighting and is a master of station management and economics in all the X-series games. He has written a [ guide] on the subject as well as two walkthroughs for the New Home and Balance of Power plotlines.

In combat, he usually delegates the job to a minion, of which he has fleets. When he does get into a scrap he can usually be found pwning arse in his trusty Hyperion, but has been known to cruise around in assorted M3+ ships and the occasional capital. His favourite personal ships are the Nova early on, then the Skiron and finally his trusty Hyperion. However, his favourite fleet ships are the Osaka, Chimera and Thresher, and enemies of his Corporation usually find themselves going up against large groups of all three.

If you have a question on stations or trading, this is your guy, and he can be contacted on the Egosoft forum

If you have some communication regarding Wiki articles, please post on my Talk page.

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